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Totally teeth are providing good and effective services. We aim to consistently provide family and friendly excellence dental health patients are our priority. At our practices, we only used highest quality materials and have the latest in leading edge dental equipment.

We are committed and provide best possible dental health, everything that you need totally healthy smile. We understand that everyone is different and treat each patient’s needs and desire.

 Everything you need for a health smile 

Our team is providing good and healthy treatment combining technology and continuing education. He takes pride in routine dental and cosmetic options, including orthodontic treatment.

He has a warm, genital manner which goes along with his great carrying and concern for all the patients. He has worked in both public and private sectors treating a wide verity of patients and cases, as they say it’s better than a cure.

There’s nothing better than a nice healthy smile. At totally teeth we recommended having a checkup and clear done every 6 month to maintain healthy gums and growing good smile. Having a regular examination will help diagnose and treat any concern in the early stages.

*      Our services

*      Check-up

*      Scale and clean

*      Radiographs

Fissure sealants

Fissures are deep groves on the biting surface of the teeth, fissure seals are checked every 6 month when you have a checkup and clean aptt.

·         Free check up with totally teeth

·         This is your chance to meet your friendly team and new caring totally dentist

·         To ensure you keep your teeth

·         To brighten your smile


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